Slurry treatment plant

MS supply the only patented system to reconcile the tool's performance with reduction of consumables (bentonite, additives), for recycling water or spoils, innovative installation for adapting the STP to the particular context of the site.

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The great strength of MS resides in its capcacity to propose effective solutions including equipment and techniques specifically developped for the four main sections that make up an STP.

An expert at your side

With more than 120 km of tunnels bored and more than 11 million m3 treated, MS has accumulated a recognized expertise and experience on 5 continents in treating bentonite through three major references in the world in particular - Shanghai: 2 x 15.43 m – Groene Hart (The Netherlands): 14.87 m – Moscow: 14.2 m. With its synergy of skills MS also offers a wide palette of highly effective solutions to complement the STPs (Slurry Treatment Plants) behind the pressurised mixshield tunnel boring machines.

Specific patents :

  • Patent n°9612950 for our "sludge management system" enabling a control in real time of the recycled slurry.
  • Patent n°9815494 for plate filter-presses to treat excess mud containing bentonite by pressing.

Modular design & Tailor-made

The general design and installation of an STP is specific to every project and takes into account principally of the available footprint, the ways of access, and of the environmental constraints for managing the noise, water, and spoils.

Though specific to each project the installations are designed from modular blocks pre-cabled and assembled in factory that are easy to transport and minimise on-site assembly time and maintenance operations. Furthermore, this conception simplifies reconditioning for the purpose of reusing them for another project.

MS has met the technical challenge by perfecting complete slurry treating plants behind the largest tunnelling machines in the world.

Basic design of MS’s STP

  • Modular design
  • 6 sections :
     - scalping / desanding / dessilting
     - recycled slurry management
     - excess mud treatment
     - fresh slurry preparation
     - Water management
     - Seepage water treatment

each with specifically developed equipment

Scalping section

MS proposes the optimal solution in terms of scalping depending on the geology encountered - i.e. vibrating high-energy sieves for sandy or gravelly horizons or rotating trommels for adhesive clays.

Desanding section

MS proposes complete installations with one, two or three cycloning stages depending on the geology traversed coupled to high-energy extraction systems for easy to handle spoils (cf. product schemas section).

Improved cutpoint of second stage thanks to MS Ø 250 cyclones :

  • d50 = 20 µm (in water)
  • far less risk of underflow plugging in comparison of smaller cyclones

Slurry management section (MS patented system)

MS has perfected and patented a unique slurry management system, modernised in 2011, designed to secure the 4 following essential functions:

  • maintenance and balance of slurry volume
  • maintenance and balance of mass flow
  • maintenance and adjustment of the rheological qualities of the slurry
  • integrated by-pass systems for total reactivity in case of boring in contaminated zones or for preparing hyperbaric interventions. This system allows perfect control of the slurry on both the technical and economic level.

Fresh slurry preparation

MS’ «BENTOMIX» for the automatic & continuous preparation of bentonite slurry.

Excess mud Treatment

Only filter-presses can ensure :

  • less than 30% moisture content
  • «cristal clear» filtrates

Key points:

  • Complete erection & tests in factory
  • Large range of feeding pumps
  • Protection door
  • On-line siccity
  • Patented demoulding system
  • Possibilty to install with modular blocks easy to erect


Seepage water treatment plant

  • Complete & autonomous plant
  • Plug & Play system 24h for 20/40 & 60/120 m3/h type
  • Taylored solution for 120/200 m3/h and more solutions
  • Complete process with scalping, desanding, storage & mixing, coagulation-flocculation, filtering, oil recovery, mud pressing, pH treatment
  • Full Guarantee for 30 to 50 mg/l of solids after treatment
  • Installation for all jobsites : Slurry TBM or EPB TBM or Rock works, earthworks, building construction, foundations…
  • Possibility of rental solution
  • A lot of references : Crossrail, Perthus, Lee tunnel, Gerland-Oullins, Monaco, Saverne, Budapest bamco, Toulon, A41 tunnel…

Product Schemas

Product Schemas Product Schemas

Case studies

1/ Case study in Hong Kong

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