Services Contract

Services Contract

On Tuesday 24 September 2013

MS is pleased to present you its services contract whch, thanks to packages known in advance, will allow you to fully control your maintenance budgets.

These contracts offer you:

  • A real support for preventive to limit major accidents and therefore the curative
  • A schedule and prioritized availability of our technicians
  • The traceability of your installation by our department

Services contracts include:

  • A technical diagnostic of the equipment and the context
  • A control of the production performances
  • A check-up of wear parts and a recommendation of appropriate spare parts
  • An addtional training of your operator

Our services contract are based on a frequency of 2 visits per year from one of our technicians and can be ordered for a period of 1, 2 or more years. It includes:

Washing and enhancement of the sand (module of cycloning/dewatering):

  • Control of the general state (equipment in production)
  • State of wear of components (equipment stopped)
  • Performance verification
  • Control adjustments of the components
  • Duration: One full day

Recycling of washing water (Thickener):

  • Performance verification (flocculation)
  • Visual control of components
  • Verification of the mud level and sand presence
  • Control of lubrification and oil level
  • Duration: 1/2 day

Sludge dewatering (filter press): 

  • Performance verification (flow and humidity)
  • Visual control of components
  • Collect the hour meter and parameters
  • Collect and set the pressure
  • Duration: 1/2 day
On Thursday 3 October 2013

MS Revamping solutions

MS Revamping solutions

The best technico-economic compromise.
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